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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center?

The staff and volunteers of the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center know that motherhood, while being one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, is also one of the most difficult.

Your active involvement in our program will prepare you to be an awesome mom .... while eliminating so many of the "surprises" that come with being a new mom. And, because we believe that one of the most important duties a parent has, is to be a provider for their child, we want to help you fulfill that part of your new responsibility by giving you the opportunity to earn just about anything you might need for your baby.

That's why we offer a wide-range of fun, educational opportunities both individual activities and group classes. Each activity is assigned a point value; when you complete the activity or class, you will earn the designated amount of Baby Bucks. Baby Bucks can be redeemed in our Blessing Room for items you need for your baby: cribs, car seats, play pens, potty chairs, diapers, wipes, lotion, powder, oil, baby bath, shampoo, teething gel, clothing and shoes, baby food and formula.

You choose how much or how little you participate. Some moms take every class we have to offer, others only take one or two classes. That's why we call our program "EARN AS YOU LEARN". The more activities you participate in, the more Baby Bucks you earn and the more products you can "buy" for your baby.

In addition to Baby Bucks, we offer you the opportunity to earn special gifts when you complete specific groups of classes and activities. We think these activities will give you and your baby the best start together, and we simply want to reward your commitment to becoming the best mom you can be!

2. How Do I Earn Baby Bucks?

As a general rule, Baby Bucks are awarded based upon the amount of time required to complete a particular learning activity or film. Typically, activities less than ½ hour in length are valued at 5 Baby Bucks while those between ½ hour and 1 hour are valued at 10 Baby Bucks. Clients can earn additional Baby Bucks by completing optional video worksheets and/or homework assignments.

Activities fall into two categories.
Classes that last only one session (i.e., Reducing SIDS Factors, My Baby and Me, Great Expectations, Infant Massage Oral Hygiene for Infants & Toddlers) having no homework assignments and normally lasting one hour will offer 10 Baby Bucks per class.

Other classes may be a series (i.e. The First Two Years, How to Really Love Your Child, Lamaze Classes, Bringing Baby Home, Personal Budgeting and Finances) which may take from 2 “ 6 weekly sessions and may have optional homework assignments to be completed between classes. You will earn 10 Baby Bucks for each class, plus 5 Baby Bucks for each video listening guide and homework assignment completed and returned in a timely manor. Additionally, if you attend ALL classes in the series, and complete ALL homework assignments, you will earn bonus Baby Bucks.

Once you have earned 100 Baby Bucks as a client, you may also earn Baby Bucks by completing volunteer projects that need to be done throughout the center; stamping or placing stickers on literature, preparing class materials, assisting with childcare for children of moms in classes, helping to stamp and label a mailing to CPSC supporters. Clients may also earn Baby Bucks for volunteer service at our resale store, Blessings-n-Bargains.

It is each Client's responsibility to keep up with her own Baby Bucks. You must bring them with you each time you intend to make purchases with your Baby Bucks. Like cash, if you lose Baby Bucks, they are gone and cannot be replaced. You may not give your Baby Bucks to another client, and no one else may redeem your Baby Bucks on your behalf.

3. How Do I Get One of the Free Diaper Bags Filled With Baby Products?

Caring Cradle Award

Our Caring Cradle Award is given to moms who enroll in our program during pregnancy and who complete specific pre-natal activities prior to the birth of their baby.

This award includes a Certificate of Achievement and a fully supplied diaper bag that includes full size bottles/tubes of the following products: Lotion, Powder, Oil, Shampoo, Baby Bottle, Teething Gel, Hand Sanitizer, Diaper Rash Ointment, Baby Bath, and Band Aids.

You can earn this award by participating in each of the following activities. (All required classes are offered free of charge through the Pregnancy Center.)

  • Pregnancy: Nine Special Months
  • Knowing Your Pre-born Child
  • Amazing Talents of Your Newborn
  • Why Breastfeed?(2 part series)
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • The Gift of Baby Massage
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Pregnancy and Smoking
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Portrait of a Promise - Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • How to Really Love Your Child
  • No Apologies “ The truth About Life, Love and Sex

In addition to the diaper bag, you will earn Baby Bucks for all of the activities you complete. Call 409/945-2888 if you have any questions or if you would like to enroll.

4. I Heard You Give Moms Baby Gifts When The Baby is Born How Can I Get One?

You can earn a new Baby Gift Bag by completing a series of classes we call Bringing Baby Home. These class activities will really help give you great confidence as you begin your new job as mother to your baby!

Upon completion, participants will earn a gift bag containing a wide range of new, gender-appropriate products for your baby, including onesies, tee shirts, receiving blankets, car seat blankets, play outfits, bottles, pacifiers, books or toys, and lots of sample products.

Activities to be completed include:

  • 4 My Baby & Me Classes
  • 4 Baby's Health and Safety Classes
  • Infant Massage
  • One Series in Discipline
  • Your choice of any one of the following book discussion series:
    • The Mommy Book
    • The First Two Years
    • How To Really Love Your Child
  • Any 8 prenatal or parenting learning activities

These activities must be completed during pregnancy or before your baby turns 1 month old to earn the gift bag..

In addition to the gift bag, you will earn Baby Bucks for all of the activities you complete.

Call 409-945-2888 if you have any questions or if you would like to enroll.

5. Can I Get Free Photographs of My Baby?

We think every mom should have pictures of her newborn! But we know lots of moms do not have cameras and cannot afford studio portraits. That's why we offer you the opportunity to earn color photos of your baby.

Moms completing Caring Cradles and Bringing Baby Home will earn a full sheet of photos FOR EACH PROGRAM COMPLETED. All clients completing at least 5 learning activities before the birth of their baby will earn 1 free 4 x 6 photo.

Moms who delivered their baby prior to enrolling as a client can earn a whole sheet of photos by completing the following 15 activities:

  • 4 My Baby and Me Classes
  • 5 Baby's Health and Safety Classes
  • 4 Playing to Learn Classes
  • 1 Series on Discipline
  • Read “To “ Me
  • Moms completing one of our Bible Study Series may request that we substitute the Bible Study classes for some of the above requirements.

Photos are scheduled one day each week, however to accommodate a variety of schedules, we will set a different day and time each week. You will be required to schedule your photo session through the Pregnancy Center. In order to give you the greatest flexibility to get photos at the age you want to photograph your child, we allow you one full year from the date you earned the photos, to schedule your photo session.

In addition to the photos, you will earn Baby Bucks for each completed activity.

6. What Kind of Classes Does The Pregnancy Center Offer?

Pre-Natal Classes

The Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center offers classes that will help you figure out what is going on in your pregnancy and to Prepare for life with your newborn: Fetal Development, Pre-natal tests, Changes in your body, preparation for Labor and Delivery,  Emergency C-Section, Postpartum Depression, Considering Breastfeeding, Caring for Your Newborn, Infant Health and Safety.

Parenting Classes

The Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center offers over 400 classes that will assist you as you care for your child(ren).  Classes include Child Development, Nurturing Your Child, Communications, Discipline, Child Health and Safety, and selecting Childcare.

While moms must have a child under age 3 to enroll in our program, many of our moms have older  children, so we offer several parenting resources that assist with understanding the needs of toddlers, pre-schoolers, early childhood, middle-schoolers, pre-adolescents and teenagers.

GED Classes

Any client over age 17 who did not graduate from High School, and who would like to earn their GED, can complete free classes at ELIZABETH'S PLACE.

Students under 17 who have been ordered by a court to enroll in GED classes are also allowed to participate in classes at ELIZABETH'S PLACE.

These classes are taught by certified teachers.

English as a Second Language

If you need to improve your English Language skills in order to be better able to obtain

medical, educational and social services for yourself or on behalf of your baby, we encourage you to sign up for free ESL classes at ELIZABETH'S PLACE.

These classes are taught by certified teachers.

Bible Study

The Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center is committed as deeply to your spiritual well-being as we are to your practical, emotional and financial needs. Often, when facing our greatest struggles in life, we find ourselves turning towards God, seeking His help in an effort to makes sense of our life.

We are a faith-based organization.  While no client is ever expected or required to participate in spiritual activity, we want to offer you the opportunity to learn more about how you can become the woman of God “ and mother “ that He intends you to be.

If you EVER want someone to pray with you, or if you just feel overwhelmed and need to talk, you are welcome to call us (409) 945-2888 any time. We offer several Bible Studies that will help you to grow your own faith and that will help you to raise your child with important spiritual truths.

If you are interested in participating in these Bible Studies, please call us.  If you are seeking a church where you and your family can attend, there are more than 40 Churches in Galveston County that support the work of the Pregnancy Center and we would be glad to help you get in touch with a member of a church near your home.

Job Skills Training

Being a mom means being a provider, yet a lot of our moms have never had the opportunity to learn job skills.  We hope these classes will assist you to be able to get a job, allowing you to provide for you and your baby.

Our job skills training will focus on computer skills training using computer programs that are commonly used in most office environment; Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point and Outlook.

In these classes you will become familiar with the fundamentals of using each program, and have the opportunity to practice creating commonly generated documents with each specific program.

Additionally, your computer skills classes will be combined with practical skills such as writing a resume, conducting a job search and interview skills.  Clients actively attending classes who do not have access to computers will be allowed to schedule practice time between classes.

7. Am I Allowed To Bring My Friend or Father of the Baby to Classes?

You are welcome to bring friends and/or family members to the Pregnancy Center you while watch films, and to most classes you attend at ELIZABETH'S PLACE.

Please let us know when you register for classes at ELIZABETH'S PLACE if you intend to bring a guest; (a few of the classes are "closed" for clients only.)

You are always welcome to bring your child(ren) when you attend CPSC activities: At ELIZABETH'S PLACE, if requested in advance we will provide childcare while you are in class. At the Pregnancy Center, your child(ren) will remain with you.

8. Is It True You Give Free Maternity Clothes?

 The Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center offers every pregnant client enrolled in our program 5 gift certificates, each good for one free maternity outfit.

All clothing (infant and maternity) and all furnishings are located at Blessings -n- Bargains, a resale store that is operated by the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center.

Upon completing intake procedures, each client with a positive pregnancy test will be given 5 gift certificates, each good for 1 maternity outfit.  Each certificate has an expiration date and must be used prior to that point in your pregnancy.

Clients are asked, but not required, to donate the clothing back to B-n-B after your pregnancy so we can share the clothing with other pregnant moms.

9. My Friend Said She Got Free Baby Food At Your Center.  How?

Occasionally, when food or formula is donated to our Center, it may already be very near its expiration date.  If factory sealed, this food is good for several months past the listed date. Never-the-less, we do not distribute outdated food for Baby Bucks.

We maintain a "FREE" box in the lobby of the Pregnancy Center. Any donations of factory sealed food that expired in the previous two months, or that is due to expire during the current month, is placed in this "FREE" box.

You are welcome to take anything you can use from this box anytime you come in.  It is not necessary to ask, and you can take it without Baby Bucks.  Please, take all you can use but be certain that you use all you take.

10. Can You Help Me Pay My Bills? What If I Need Other Help?

The Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center is not able to assist with cash financial needs.  However we can offer referrals to other agencies to assist you with a wide range of personal/financial needs.

From pre-natal care and WIC, to food banks, sheltering homes and services for women and children facing abusive situations, if you have a need related to your safety and well-being, or that of your child, please let us know.

We can provide referrals to any services that you might need. If you do not have a phone, we will allow you to use our phones to contact other agencies.

11. Can You Help Me Decide If Parenting Is For Me Now?

Our goal for every pregnant client walking through our door is to enable you to make the very best decisions you are able to make for you and for your baby.  We know that most pregnant moms want to parent their baby, but that some are not certain if parenting is the best choice.

Some moms, because of age, inadequate support, lack of safe housing, serious medical conditions, overwhelming financial needs (or a combination of all these factors), are uncertain about their future and that of their baby. That's why we offer Decision-Making Counseling (DMC).

DMC allows you to work with a counselor to examine how and when you make your best choices, then, using your BEST decision-making skills to examine both options you are currently facing: parenting your baby or making an adoption plan.

Our staff is prepared to help you fully examine each of your choices, without pressure to choose any particular option.  This program is designed to help make your own conclusions regarding what is best for you and your baby. We are confident, by the time you finish the DMC program you will be absolutely certain of the choice that is best for the two of you.

When looking at parenting you will explore financial, emotional and physical costs of raising a child; make realistic plans for daycare, transportation, medical care and general needs that you and your baby will face. This makes our DMC program a GREAT preparation for motherhood!

When looking at adoption you will explore open and closed adoption, agency and private adoption. If you think adoption may be a good plan for you and your baby, you will explore ideas for putting your plan together then call 2-3 adoption agencies to find out who you might like to work with for placement.

CPSC is NOT an adoption agency and we cannot assist you with your placement process, but we are committed to helping you explore all choices and will support you as you act on your final decision.

Moms who complete this program frequently comment how much it truly prepared them for their responsibilities as a mom. And, if your decision is to parent your baby, your will have earned a lot of Baby Bucks you can use to purchase clothing,  furniture and supplies you need for your baby. If you would like to consider enrollment, call us at 409-945-2888.

12. Confidentiality

All services provided at the Pregnancy Support Center are confidential.  We will not share information about your services at our Center unless we have your written permission to do so.

When you come to our Center if you expect someone to come in looking for you (friend, family member, baby's dad, your ride home).you MUST inform our staff

Unless we have been told that you expect a guest, we will not disclose your presence to anyone that comes in.

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